The main reason believers do not share their faith is that they feel ill-prepared. Evangelism Explosion teaches a 5 point presentation of the Gospel that has proven effective in clearly expressing how to gain eternity with God in Heaven through faith in His Son Jesus. 

Each fall we host a one day Share Your Faith Workshop that equips and strengthens each participant with this 5 point Gospel presentation so that they will be able to  walk among their neighbors and friends and share the Gospel.

Share Your Faith Workshop


Annually we host an Evangelism Explosion conference to which we invite Pastors and church leaders to come and learn how to implement the Evangelism Explosion program at their churches. Here participants learn the 5 point presentation, practice going out and sharing the presentation, and are given materials to take the program into their churches to be able to build their own evangelism teams to go out weekly and share the Gospel in their community. The cost for the training is $150. You can register online at www.evangelismexplosion.org, search for Everyday Evangelism Events.

Annual Everyday Evangelism Clinic



Just as Matthew 28:19 commands "Go out and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit..." our EE Team is winning people over for the Kingdom of Christ!