Welcome from the Pastor


My name is  Rocky Carpenter and I am the pastor here at Harmony Community Church. Thank you for visiting our website.  

I was called to preach the gospel in 1994 and in 1996 I was licensed by my home church, Peachland Baptist. I would preach anywhere I had an opportunity. I was invited to preach in Harmony Community Church. It was a Non-Denominational Church that had 4 people attending. When I walked in that wood framed country church it felt like I had gone to Daddy's house for Sunday dinner. I knew that was where God wanted me. It made no sense, a licensed Baptist minister preaching in a Non-Denominational church that was built by the Methodist in 1899. It must have been God! I am still here!

    My wife Sherry and I have 4 children, and we live in Peachland, which is my hometown. Our purpose for this website is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our church was built and continues to grow because of the power of God's word. I believe that if a pastor is obedient and will ask God for wisdom, He will give him the word to preach. If the people that hear will "mix it with faith" (Hebrews 4:2) it will profit them, first in salvation and secondly in their pursuit to be "conformed to the image of Jesus Christ". As you listen to the word on this website we pray that God's word will affect you as it has us.

To God be the glory!

Rocky Carpenter


Harmony Community Church