Audacious Biblical Answers (ABA) is designed to be an anonymous advice column for the people of the community. This ministry is geared towards responding to tough questions with bold answers straight from Scripture. No question is off limits. The goal of this ministry is to eliminate the intimidation or fear of asking a "dumb" question or fear of people knowing your struggles, while also strengthening your relationship with Christ. In order to accomplish this, no identifying information will be given when asking or answering a question. By eliminating these factors questions you may have can be answered Biblically, truthfully, and in love! Biblical evidence will help bring you to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or mature your walk in Christ. All throughout Scripture Christ both asks and answers questions from believers and non-believers. Let's follow His model and become closer to Him!

    In order to submit your question, you need an e-mail address. If you do not have one creating one is easy and free. If you really have a question but have no access to e-mail write down your question and place it in a sealed envelope and put it in the ABA box in the church foyer.

To contact Audacious Biblical Answers with questions simply e-mail: